Dec 13, 2007


i change my topic again
and as always not final yet
tomorrow present at 2.30 at studio 13
but still on ceramics
ceramic tiles at penghulu natar's house (tangga to be specific) and baba nyonya kitchenware
why melaka? why not kelantan? my place of birth and where my whole clan still reside... i don't have any concrete answer just feel like do it

last week i was at uitm seri iskandar
2nd day the hurricane came
the feeling is so bad
what make things worse, its not necessary for me to feel that way
anyway, thanks haida
and whenever i feel like shit i always believe that something good will happen after that
so, here is the better story
later, on that day, there is a cute boy (mata die bulat comel giler) sat next to me
the one that everybody, (over la tu) well not everybody but several of the girls happen to admire him
i manage to brag a bit but unfortunately i forgot his name

the week before that i was in ipoh (jugak) for my friend's wedding
hey, tiyah congrats...
first time witnessing the whole akad nikah ceromany
i don't understand why people normally crying
but i feel like crying too
but i'm busy feeling photographer more than be sentimental