Jan 21, 2008

breakfast at tiffany's

publish photo sket...
bergumbira di melaka dgn ilmam, ida...ngan ajan tengah ukur site

aku nak cite pasal anak-anak wani yang kesejukan sebab aku on aircond masa tido ari tu...kesian
tapi tak pela
kelas aku kul 4
skang dah kul 5
aku gi print dulu
lps tuh g klas

tetiba rasa cam nak duk burma
tak yah g klas
amek exam
trus dapat keje
university just open once a year
for them to sit for the examination
and suma lepas

Jan 18, 2008

love loves to love

red is the colour
blue is the feeling...

why did i start blogging?
my first blog (yg dah jadi sampah alam maya tu):for me to share what i wrote, my so-called poem after been encourage by Lastnotes aka Phyd my Roommate.

this is my third blog(i think..):because i think i rarely open myself up to other. it is one way of sharing my tot and views to strangers if there is any (but i doubt about this).

even though it didn't come out as i plan it yet, it still breathing...

kind of achievement for me. i succesfully commit myself to sit and type and post.

mimpi buruk

Melaka is a very lovely city, indeed
Have a very lovely time there last week
Not after that scary moment which i called nighmare
I wont go there without someone close to me accompany (not Melaka but my site/case study/subject of study)
Nak di jadikan cerita, officer incharge for that particular project which i took as my case study invite me to the site..esok. ada taklimat with the architect which doing the conservation work for that house. That's a very good opportunities for me to interview them...tapi aku rasa aku tolak kot sebab tak de sapa nak teman aku p sana...it took me 2 days to recover from those nighmare, until at one point rasa cam nak tukar subject dah.