Feb 26, 2008

hadapi dengan senyuman

part of me did believe that some of the greatest art that exist today were produce by miserable people...

the more miserable they are the greater the outcome would be...

it is not because they want it to be that way, it's how they relieve their emotional pain, the intensity of emotion they put into it...

they not creating their art, they spoke through it.

hadapi dengan senyuman
apa yang terjadi biar terjadi
hadapi dengan tenang jiwa

Feb 18, 2008

Pain in Paint

taller than the tallest
deeper than deep sea

that is the feeling

i got a kitten
duster the name

Feb 1, 2008


mati rasa
penawar luka
jiwa lara

i got this list
from a movie tht i watch
a very broadway like
love and other disasters

it's a list of songs:
deep water-amanda ghost
dizzy-tommy roe
fantastic-all about eve babitz
milonga triste
voodoo moon-victoria hogg
tu veux ou tu veux pas
macho man-village people

to be cont...