Jul 18, 2008


zillion thanks to mother
thank you for allowing me to be who i'm
thank you for standing there besides me no matter how painful or how hard it is
i'm sorry because of the little time that we spend together
no matter what or where i'm you're always in my heart
the daughter that you try so hard to raise
if one day i turn out to be some one that you didn't approve
that's totally my choice because you already done your best

to the three musketeers
heri, juan and hafiz
my knights in shining armor
my saviour, my protecter
thank you, thank you, thank you
if one day we walk in different path
didn't talk to each other anymore
i want you to know that i'm not going to hate you

you always there
because part me is yours
you're in my heart forever
tears means nothing

we had our differences
we fight sometimes
but on top of that
i admire your spirit
taking us under your wing is not easy
thank you

to syahira, suraya and hakimi
be good ok

skeleton in my closet

each and everyone of us
have our own set of skeleton in the closet
which we hide it from the rest of the world

i'm sorry
this is my skeleton
i'm not ready to share it with the world yet
don't hate me for this
good bye