Aug 5, 2008

Hey, Sleepyhead

today's weather
as gloomy as me
not bad but sleepy
it's either
out of boredom or depression
someone once said that
percentage of people committing suicide is higher in gloomy days
well, it's not that i'm in that suicidal mood or i'm suicidal (i put that behind long time ago)
just 'bitchier' then normal.hahhahahha...
i think other than losing hope, giving up on live and those loser reasons
one of the reasons people attempt suicide due to unbearable pain
i can relate to that
i would never ever take my own life
it just that i want to stop the pain
relieving that invisible pain
the action sometimes become suicidal
like i said it's all in the past
the fact that i can see it clearly now
and talk about this
because i've experience it before
and recovering
this silence thought, most of us experience it
and lots of those around me
got scars on their wrist
it is a phase of our teenage years
some move on without any harm
some just didn't have enough strenght to face it
sometimes it's too painful to think straight
i just wanna say
i know
i've been there too