Jun 13, 2010

the power of love and sometimes hate

yesterday, 12th day of June 2010.

she sat next to the boy that she (most probably) hate. her facial expression is priceless. of coz, she did not aware that i'm looking at her since i'm standing behind her seat. i always got this thing about her. it's like i don't want her to know anything about me because i might be in trouble, that kind of thing. maybe because she once shouted at me at the field and like normal person, i never forget. not sure about forgive tho.

she's behaving like she is the most protective parent. have to babysit her son 24/7. the school is a dangerous place, she need to be there all the time to ensure his safety. but the truth is not like that, she's not looking after her son. she just enjoying her time at school, keep her eye on teachers and report to the boss as soon as possible if there's any problem occur.

did I mention her son is a healthy 10 years old boy. stop behaving like a pest mom.